Happy birthday daddy!

People die everyday. True fact. Just yesterday, Columbian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez died. He was 87 years old. At what age is it acceptable to die, 70, 80, 90? Is there even such a thing?

It’s always difficult and very sad when we have a love one that passes away. I understand that. We always wonder why us? Disregarding your beliefs, nobody has the answer. You might be a control freak, but this is the one thing, you can’t control. You could be in perfect health and bang, the following moment be dead. That’s when you realize you can’t control everything. Your life changes forever. No more seeing this person. No more sharing stories or moments.

I could have written people are born everyday. True fact. Just yesterday, it was my best friend’s birthday. He turned 40; it’s the cycle of life. I wrote it the other way around, because today is my father’s birthday. He would have been 62 years old. It’s been a while since he died, 14 ½ years ago, actually. Does it make it any easier? No. Am I constantly in pain? No. We learn to cope with these lost. It just makes me appreciate life more. Every decision I’ve made in the last 14 years has been based on that. You can die in 10-15-20 years, tomorrow or NOW.  I often find myself justifying my life choices, and then I think, this is my life, my decisions to make. You see life differently when a love one is murdered. In my life plan, I definitively don’t picture myself killing myself working 50-60 hours per week, that is something I can control. For what purpose exactly so I can have more material possession? Will that make me happier? I don’t think so. Western societies have very high rate of suicide. We are supposed to have it all. However, I digress, that could be another post altogether.

My father died happy, if one can say such a thing. He wasn’t happy to die, I don’t think he had time to realize he was dying, however, he was a happy man. He was always laughing. Today, I’m going with a friend to the restaurant; I will acknowledge that my father loved celebrating his birthday at the restaurant. He loved it when the waiters would sing for his birthday. I will sing happy birthday in my head just for you. I also know he would have been watching the hockey game tonight. He loved football  (soccer) as much as he loved hockey. Montreal is leading 1-0 against Tampa Bay and today is Game # 2, but I’m sure you know, as you’ll be watching up there. Miss you everyday. Happy birthday daddy!

Ps: New generation fan! Little Elisa cheering for the Habs!


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