Day 1 – Khalikhum

Our driver picks us up at the hostel and we are set to go. We decide to rotate turns for the front seat so it’s fair for everyone.

“Today we start our drive towards the gorgeous village of Khalikhum. We will visit the 11th-century Hulbuk Palace along the way before finally entering the iconic Pamir Mountains. After driving through the spectacular valleys of the Shurobod Pass we will arrive in the village of Khalaikhum. Here we will join the Panj River, which we will be following for the next few days, and have our first views into mysterious Afghanistan, just over the border. We will have dinner and overnight in a homestay.”

We are in front of the museum and none of us actually wants to go in. I personally went to many museums in Uzbekistan and there was no English translation so I didn’t know what I was looking at. We just figured it would be the same there.

There was a man who turned out to be the director of the museum who invites us in. As he is telling us the history behing the objects (up to 4000 years old) Dana starts touching and I tell her not to!

Then the director who also was one of the team that excavated the objects from the palace hands me a 4000 years old iron to hold! Im stressing that I might drop it and how is it even possible to be able to touch these ancient objects?

He was very interesting and he made us re-enact certain moments like in the past. What a laugh did we have all coming from Western society where being able to touch such ancient objects would definitely be forbidden.

We then went to the actual palace where the excavating had took place. It was really interesting even though it was midday and very hot weather +40ºC. We later spoke to some other backackers who told us they didn’t have the tour with the director so it wasn’t a highlight for them.

Ruit and I, re-enacting a scene from the museum, but with modern tea pot and cups 😬.

Great first day!

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