The waiting game …

On Thursday, I received an email with an official letter in Russian from the Ministry of Higher Education of Russia. While I did print screen and then put it in google translate, I was thinking this is it, I’m leaving in 2-3 weeks. It turned out that they were just confirming that my file was still in treatment. I guess, it was a reply to my two emails asking where was my invitation letter?

At least, now, I know that they are working on it, and I must be patient. I have started my classes sometimes online at 5 am, sometimes at 11 am. Sometimes, the professor just sends me the assignment by email or gives me the google drive link. I am grateful that when I finally get there, I won’t have any catching up to do. Of course, the situation is not ideal for anyone, but there is hope that I’ll be leaving soon.

Meanwhile, I’m still working with integrating the Mexicans. I love helping people that are moving here. Everything is new to them and of course, they have a lot of inquiries which is normal. I’m always surprise at how quickly I create a bond with the newcomers. I try to make them laugh to ease out the anxiety they may have from being in uncharted territory.

Since I’m still here, I decided to buy tickets for the Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias concert for my mom and I and my uncle came with us as well. To be honest, I was just looking for a way of spending time with my mom. I wasn’t expecting anything from it, I mean, no offense, but both artists haven’t released any album recently.

This was the first concert with full capacity allowed by the government. There was approximatively 15 000 people at the show. I love going to concerts and I hadn’t realized how much I missed it. 18 months of pandemic, this was my first show as well. Even if we had to wear our mask throughout the show, it was well worth it! I sang and I danced plenty. Didn’t take long before the crowd was up and dancing to Ricky Martin and Enrique’s songs. They put out a great show. I think everyone was feeling amazing and felt a semblance of normality.

So back to reality, there is no statutory holiday for Thanksgiving in Russia.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day!

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