Driving in Iceland / One-way tunnel

My roommate Elisa decided she was going to buy a car and then I thought, well, I’ll also need one to drive to the mountain for the snowboarding season so both of us bought it together. Our landlord helped us look for a used one as we live in a small village and there is no car dealership here obviously. We received it on September 14. You can imagine how happy we were getting it. Now we can start exploring a bit more our surroundings as there is no transport other than flying or having your own car.

We have been very lucky with the weather since we’ve been here and today was no different. I spoke to my roommate about going somewhere today (assignments can wait) and we decided to go to the beach in Holt. It’s close by, maybe 20 minutes drive, however, we had to go through a one-way tunnel.

“Officially opened in 1996 and is 9.120 m long (5.66 miles).  Only 2km of the tunnel has two lanes going in each direction. The rest is only one lane wide.  It’s located west of Ísafjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland. This is a tunnel with a crossroad inside it. You might meet traffic going south from Suðureyri while driving this magnificent tunnel.  It’s a well lit tunnel and paved all the way so just enjoy the ride and drive carefully. When meeting oncoming traffic in a one lane tunnel, there will be passing places in the tunnel. If the passing place is on your side in the tunnel, you are obligated to turn in and let oncoming traffic pass you. (REFERENCE: GO ICELAND).

It was a bit stressful at first as it’s the first time I drive in a one-way tunnel for 6 km. One the way back, I had priority of way and I didn’t in theory have to stop, however, two cars didn’t seem to know the rule and had to go backwards to let me pass (luckily, I wasn’t driving fast). I mean there is no sign anywhere letting you know about this and they were probably tourists with rental cars. We only knew because our director had told us when we did the field trip. Elisa filmed me while I was driving. You can watch it below:

Holt Beach

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